Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bigger Afghan

Today was a bit cooler, so I sucked it up and pulled out the Autumn Leaves Afghan.


Like Virginia said in her blog blog earlier today, it looks just the same as it did before, only bigger.

It's now 40 inches long, and I've decided I want to make it 60 inches long, total. So that means I'm now 66.7% done yaaay!!!

I head to school on the 18th, which is less than 2 weeks away (YAY/yikes!) and I'd reeeaalllyyyy like to get this blanket finished by then so that I don't have to lug it to school with me or wait until Thanksgiving to finish it. Now, lets see if I can actually do this...!

No progress on the Kalajoki sock #2, but here's the pic that wouldn't upload yesterday:

I had another good knitting sesh with the ladies at Paneras tonight. Met a lovely new knitter and talked about earthquakes, care packages, and sock construction :-) One of the ladies ordered the Spring/Summer seasons Shawl Kit from Knitpicks in the Shadow Tonal yarn, and spent the evening winding balls out of hanks, going over the pattern, and passing around her new interchangeable needle set for us all to drool over. The yarn is SO GORGEOUS!!! Beautiful colors, and so lovely and soft, too. It's in a lace weight, so the yarn is super-fine, but its so pretty *squee* Now if only I wore shawls... :-)

I'm starting to include direct links (yay links!) in my posts (in blue font!), so check out all the cool stuff!

More news (and hopefully lots of progress!) on the afghan tomorrow! Also: my dear brother finally consented to go with me to see Twilight: Eclipse. SO EXCITED! More on that tomorrow.

Until then, happy knitting!
~Young Knitter

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