Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Packing Craziness!

Jeez! I forgot to blog again yesterday!

Let's just say that things have gotten a little crazy chez moi the past couple of days. I leave for school tomorrow (!!!!!) and I've been last-minute packing, last-minute shopping, last-minute baking, etc. etc. Lots of last-minute stuff!

But, in spite of all the hullabaloo, I got the Fallen Leaves afghan all washed, de-pilled (yeesh! little white fuzzies ALL OVER IT! Totally uncalled for), packaged up all pretty and sent off to the lovely MW and WE in NC!

I'm excited to hear how they like it :-)

Also while at the UPS store, I finally packaged up and sent off these two baby blankets I made for afghans for Afghans about a bazillion (read: 3) years ago. Yaaaay!!!

They're super-simple stockinette stitch blankies (not even a clever border!) out of 100% wool scraps I had lying around, while I was still getting the hang of knitting/purling with constant gauge. Wow! It's pretty awesome how far I've come since then :-)

And now, in the spirit of before- and after-pictures, here's a pic of the progress on the Vilai socks!

Lookin' pretty good, eh?

Other non-knitting related news: my webcam is up again! yaaaay!!!! Daddy the super-computer-man can fix anything!!

Also, mom and sis and I went through all our old family jewelry today, to figure out what we want to use and what to put in the lock box, and I now have in my possession the most BEAUTIFUL ring that my mom had made when she was my age. I'll have to post pictures. It's interesting and totally unique, and I friggin LOVE it! I also snagged some of my grandmother's old pearls, and some gorgeous garnet beads from when we lived in India. Sometimes I love being really girly and swooning over heirloom diamonds with the womenfolk of my family. ^^

Now I just have to go finish packing up all my clothes, shoes, books, stationary, and YARN (seriously, how do you decide what yarn you'll need for the next 4 months?!?!) for the new semester :D I'm SUPER EXCITED YAAAY!!!!

Hopefully I'll have time for a quick post tomorrow before it's off to Nashville!
Lotsa yarnlove,

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