Monday, August 9, 2010

Fiber Freak?

I think I'm getting better at spinning!

I'm hoping to visit Halcyon Yarn again tomorrow for the spinning afternoon hang-out session thing, so I can get some tips from a pro :-)

Also, the Fallen Leaves Afghan is now 46" long! Progress, but not a lot of it. *sigh*

I've been thinking, my blog name "The Adventures of Young Knitter" implies that I only knit. Which is untrue! I also crochet, and now I'm learning to spin! Also, I'm younger than most knitters, but I won't be young forever, and it makes me sound like I'm younger than I am. I imagine that other people would imagine that I'm ... i dont know, 13 or something YOUNG. So I'm thinking maybe "The Adventures of a Fiber Freak." What do you think?

More thoughts on that later. :-)

Until then, happy knitting!

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