Sunday, August 8, 2010



Those are the fruits of my very first attempt!!! Rather lumpy, somewhat messy, and most likely unusable, but I DID IT!!! *happy dance*

Then I practiced it a bit more and managed to make it a bit thinner:

(by the way: it's SO hard to take a picture of that yarn while it was off the spindle, since I had to hold the camera with one hand and try to keep tension with the other! My cell phone is holding the yarn in place...sort of)

This is what happens if you don't hold the tension:

It gets all kinked up!

Here's my lovely spindle, with adorable sheep on the top:

And my 1/2 lb of domestic wool top roving:

And Fallen Leaves Afghan (lookin' the same, just a bit bigger. I forgot my measuring tape, so I can't even tell you how big it is, either. *sigh* )

And the totally sweet dog I'm house-sitting with, Brick:

Wish me luck as I attempt to make yarn with constant grist! (Fancy term for thickness of the yarn XD )

Until then, happy knitting (or spinning!),

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