Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fiber Roadtrip!

Today was a busy day! The family and I all got up to cheer on my dad as he finished his first 10k run in the Beach2Beacon! Super proud :D

Then Mom and I went on an epic Fiber Roadtrip!

We headed to Lisbon, ME to visit Spunky Eclectic , which looked like a SUPER cool store on its website! Buuuut it was closed when we got there. D:

SO! We drove to Bath, ME to visit Halcyon Yarn . OMIGOSH most glorious yarn store EVER! A great big retail space, with narrow rows between shelves that go allllll the way up to the ceiling with a zillion types of knitting yarn and a million types of weaving yarn and a billion types of roving for spinning.

(Photocred Novamade on flickr, I found the pic on Google images)

And. I. Bought. A. DROP SPINDLE! GAAAHHHH!!!!! I'm SO INCREDIBLY EXCITED!!!! I got a Louet High-Whorl Drop Spindle and it ROCKS.

And I bought a half a pound of plain ol' cheap ol' wool top to practice on! YAAAAAAAYYYY!!!!!

And I bought two 1-lb cones of a gorgeous deep purple cotton weaving yarn that I'm gonna double-strand and use to make my Little Black Dress and I'm SO EXCITED!!

Have I mentioned that I'm excited?!?!? YAAAY!!!

The reason that I'm just posting links instead of uploading pictures is that A) my webcam is on strike, and B) I'm house-sitting for my neighbors, and I managed to leave my camera at home, and its dark and I don't feel like going over and getting it. Yaaay laziness!

So I'll post pictures of my spoils tomorrow. But before then, I'm gonna try my hand at SPINNING! YAY! :D :D :D

Until then, happy knitting!

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