Friday, August 13, 2010


I promised pictures, so here they are!

This is a box of goodies (a "back-to-school care package," I believe is the term) from my lovely lovely LOVELY friend Deborah!

Ta-da!!! Full to bursting with loveliness!

We've got yarn (of course):

Including 2 skeins of Deborah Norville collection Serenity sock yarn, 2 of Sensations Soles&More sock yarn, 2 skeins of Lion Brand Magic Stripes, 2 skeins of a mystery sock yarn with fantastic texture and bright colors (failed project, I think, Deborah? ;) ), and 4 lucious, stupendous, glorious skeins of Plymouth Yarn Co Happy feet. *happy sigh*

Speaking of: remember those Vilai socks I talked about here ? I lamented how the yarn was glorious, and in such great colors, but that the darkness of the colorway would kind of detract from the delicate stitch pattern? Well how's this for an idea: how about I use one of these new colorways for those socks, (like, say, this one?:)

and save the dark color for something simpler? Why not indeed!

Then we've got books:

- The Wizard's Ward and The Destined Queen by Deborah Hale
-The Knitter's Bible: Knitted Afghans and Pillows and Knitted Accessories by Claire Crompton
-and Vintage Style Jewelry by Schneebeli-Morrell

Then we've got loose-leaf patterns:

And Canada pencils:

And more sweet treats and microwaveable munchies than a girl could ask for!

And then last, but not least, my dear darling Deborah knitted me a gorgeous ruffly scarf!

Can't wait till it gets cool enough to wear this!

So let's just say that I have enough ammo to be yarnfully happy (and well fed!) for quite some time this semester. ^^

In other good news (MORE good news? how can it be?!) I've made it to the final seed stitch border on my fallen leaves afghan!

Just 2 inches of this and then this beast of a blankie is DONE!

And believe me, it's quite a beastie:

Hopefully I'll finish that tonight, then I can finish my Kalajoki socks (I'm ready to decrease for the toe!) and then maybe get started on some more socks or that dress I've been lusting over! YAAAAY!!!!

Serious yarnlove,

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