Monday, August 2, 2010


Today, I went through ALL of my yarn, needles, hooks, and patterns to see what I want to keep and what I don't. And can I say WOW! I have a lot of stuff O.O I ended up tossing quite a bit of stuff out because it was either a puny good-for-nothing ball of yarn or a pattern I'll never make from a skein-band on a yarn I didn't like or whatever. And I took most of the yarn that I don't want but is still good enough to use to the Yankee Yarn Swap with my lovely knitting ladies tonight! They liked what I had to offer (even the legendary rainbow-vomit Red Heart SuperSaver yarn I've had since I first learned to knit) and I came home with quite a few spoils of my own!

(Good news: I found my connector cable! So I can take pics using my camera now! HURRAY! Bad news: I completely forgot about tonight's blog until just now, so I had to take pictures of my new yarn in extremely poor lighting in my room. Sorry!)

First: some scrumptious LionBrand Imagine, 80% Acrylic, 20% Mohair in a nice tan. Could be a good scarf for my mom?

Second: The totally luscious LionBrand Romance, 85% Acrylic, 15% Mohair in a lovely pale lavender. And a good 480 yards of it, too! Another scarf? Some fuzzy mittens?

Third: A skein of Red Heart Collage (100% Acrylic) which is surprisingly soft, and a really pretty red-fading-to-blue color. Maybe a hat for me :-)

Last but not least, this is what Deborah tells me is just plain ol' TLC, but I just couldn't pass up these great colors!

I had a great time with the ladies at Paneras, as I usually do. We gushed over yarn and shared our cool projects and giggled over countless random topics like we do. Getting to know the Harmony Haven Knitters has made me really want to start my own knitting group at Vandy. More on that later :-)

(p.s. Paneras Smoked Turkey sandwich on Country Bread never fails to impress me. Ahhhh the simple joys of life ^^ )

I also made some good progress on my Kalajoki sock #2! :-)

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