Saturday, August 21, 2010


Wow! What an adventure!

I had a few spare minutes today between unpacking and organizing my dorm and hanging out with some people I missed desperately over the summer, so here go pictures!

So I finished the Kalajoki sock #2:

and then realized that I couldn't find #1 D: So I put #2 in a safe place, and the first one will show up eventually, and when it does I can send it off to Socks For Soldiers.

Mutti and I left Cape Elizabeth on Thursday, and made it to Nashville LATE Thursday night. I had some excellent down time in airports and on planes, so I made some awesome progress on my Vilai sock:

That's just a few rows short of 2 full stitch pattern repeats, and the pattern calls for 2.5 stitch pattern repeats before turning the heel, so I'm almost there!

Friday, Mutti and I got to be tourists! We went to the Hermitage, where Andrew Jackson lived:

Which was just gorgeous!!! The house was beautifully renovated and kept in gorgeous condition. I wish I'd thought to take more pictures, but here are some pictures from his lovely wife's lovely flower and herb garden behind the house:

Then we had some time to kill, so we went and saw Eat Pray Love (that new Julia Roberts movie) in this ridiculously awesome movie theater:

The movie was good! Not my favorite movie of all times. I love Julia, but her character kind of got on my nerves. But they showed some gorgeous countryside and some AMAZING food, so it made me super-hungry and really really really want to travel XD

We went out to dinner with one of my best friends, JK, and his mom, and then got to see his new dorm room, which is just one floor down from mine!

Saturday we got an early start to move in! :D

That's my room when we only had about a third of my junk in the room ^^

We made a Target run (and got me a bike! YAY! it's suuuuuper cute, but I forgot to take a pic of that)

And here are some after pictures (after I spent a little time unpacking, organizing, and cleaning, that is):

Looks much better, riiiight? :D

I'm so glad to be back on campus, and to see all my friends that I missed, and to be busy again. Well, the business will cut into my knitting time, but that's all for the best, I think :-)

Lots of CollegeLove,

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