Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blanket: DONE

OMIGAWD I totally forgot to blog yesterday D:

Well, I remembered, but it was 11.40 and I was already snuggly in bed and falling asleep. So... laziness won out ^^

So I shall distract the internet from my yesterday-fail by pronouncing that the Fallen Leaves Afghan is DONE!!!!! HOORAAAAAY!!!!!

It's in the washer right now:

So there's not a lot to see there. :P

I've also started the toe decreases on my last Kalajoki sock:

So I should finish that up today. And then I can mail off the blanket to my cousin, the socks to Socks for Soldiers (SFS), and mail some baby blankets I made eons ago to afghans for Afghans. YAAAAAY!!!!! I anticipate a super-huge shipping bill, but it'll feel good to have all that good knitting karma on its way to new owners. :-)

Then once that's done, I'll re-start the Vilai socks on that new lighter Happy Feet yarn with my new Addi Turbo 32" size 0 needles I bought yesterday from the stitching mantis! I also bought another skein of the Wings from Classic Elite Yarns in a lovely navy blue, so I can use that along with the light purple I bought a few weeks ago to make some lovely gauntlets with nice colorwork. GAH my first colorwork project! (scary) more on that soon :-)

Until then, happy knitting!

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