Tuesday, December 14, 2010


That's right, folks. Our very own YoungKnitter is currently locked in a battle to the death with that most fearsome of beasts - end of term finals. *quake in fear* This means that I have no regular sleep schedule, I eat the most unhealthy of things at the most unusual of times, and most of my days are filled with procrastination and other attempts not to study. But alas, my last two exams are almost upon me, so I must put down my facebook and crochet hook in favor of a textbook and some flashcards. Observe:

What you see here is everything a girl needs to dominate her Japanese final. Well, not everything...

Luckily I have Ozwald to keep me from going insane and to guard me from the fearsome 日本語のぶんぽ (Japanese grammar) and the mountain of Kanji (Chinese characters) flash cards that threaten to eat me.

In other, more exciting news, IT SNOWED IN NASHVILLE!!!!! Basically all of Sunday we were graced with a gorgeous, almost constant dusting of snow. We ended up with a good inch or so! Here is the view out my sadly dirty-and-foggy dorm window:

Another fun piece of news, the costumers for the musical I've been working on all semester, Nine, have decided that our lead, Guido, needs a scarf. So! Who do they come to but the fearless YoungKnitter!!! We picked up two different yarns (a burgundy RedHeart SuperSaver and a dark gray Patons classic wool) with the intent that the scarf would be mono-chromatic and we'd choose the color later, but then I got all experiment-y with colorwork, and I produced my very first Intarsia!!!

YAAAY! More progress on that later, but most likely after Christmas. I still have a bunch of hats to make.

Finally, what blog post would be complete without another progress report on the monster blanket! TA DA!

59"! Just 13" left until it's a good 6' long. Wow. O.O It keeps amazing me how freaking huge this blanket is... But I'm almost done! And none too soon, either. I'd like to get it finished before I head home for Christmas, since the brother gets home before I do, and I would be forced to crochet in the dead of night while locked in my bathroom to avoid him discovering the blanket!!! Then I've got a 2-day grace period so I can finish the sister's hat before she gets home, then its just the two Uncle hats and I'll be done for the holidays!

Well, back to the books, and hopefully a break to go see Tangled tonight! Wish me luck on exams...
Happy Knitting,

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  1. I had a lay over today in Nashville and I was really surprised to see the snow!

    Good luck on your finals!