Saturday, November 27, 2010

Progress and new hats!

Thanksgiving break is almost over, and I've made TREMENDOUS progress on Harrison's blanket! Observe:

40"! Wowie Zowie. I plan on making it a good round 6' long, so I've still a ways to go, but I'm fairly confident I'll have it done in a few weeks. :-)

Other than crocheting, I've been sleeping more than is healthy, reading like a madwoman, hanging with my family and my sister's new pet rat, Toki, and baking and eating a LOT. It's been heavenly. I head back to school tomorrow, so I got a bunch of yarn shopping done today! Other than Harrison's blanket, the only knitted Christmas gifts I'm making for my family are a hat for my two uncles that are coming up to stay with us for the holidays and a hat for my sister.

My sister wants a Jayne hat, like the one that the character Jayne Cobb wears in the TV show Firefly. I got some good yarn for that:

Unfortunately, no one type of yarn at the shop I went to (the Stitching Mantis) had all three colors I needed, so I got 3 different yarns.

The hat for my Uncle D is just like a hat I made for myself last January or so. Here's a link to my ravelry project page for that. It's just a plain beige yarn, very warm, that's in a simple k2p3 rib until the end of the brim, then the ribbing kind of swirls around the hat. It's a super-simple pattern but it's really cool looking. :-)

The other hat for my Uncle A is gonna be something of my own design! I'm so psyched to make this. It's gonna be pretty simple, nothing too fancy, but it'll be a good baby step to get me started on writing my own patterns. The yarn I got for that is here:

Along with my sad excuse for a gauge swatch. That's Shepherd's Colour 4 me 100% wool yarn in navy and teal. Should be exciting!

No other news or progress, other than a wonderful Thanksgiving break and my imminent return to Vandy for the last 1.5 weeks of classes and 1.5 weeks of exams, and then back to Maine for Christmas break!

I hope everyone is getting into the Holiday Spirit (Christmas knitting! YAY!)!
Happy knitting,

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