Monday, December 27, 2010

Holiday Knitting revealed!

Well, folks, I have successfully survived the madness that is holiday knitting! And with some sanity to spare, too...

Nora's Jayne Hat (Ravelry project page) was well recieved:

As was Harrison's Blanket (which I finished in time, but still have to weave in the stupid ends, which I hate):

And my dad's hat :

That's round 1 of holiday knitting. Round 2 is for my Uncles, who are coming to visit tomorrow. They each get a hat, one of which I've finished (but not photographed... ooops) and the other I'm still working on... This is the one that I'm designing, and will hopefully have posted in the next couple of days.

Round 3 is for my friends at school, which I'll start whenever I get around to it, I guess. :-) Joe is getting a Hufflepuff scarf, Melanie a Ravenclaw one, Erin a hat, and Tessa some arm warmers.

I also went yarn shopping yesterday. My brother still doesn't understand that "too much yarn" is an end goal, rather than a deterrent, for yarn shopping. My quest on this particular yarn shopping trip was to get the materials necessary to start working on the awesome patterns in a book I got for Christmas from Erin called Creepy Cute Crochet. It's full of adorable amigurumi patterns of zombies, ninjas, vampires, spartan warriors, cuthulus, and all that great stuff. I started on the ninja yesterday (finished the body and started the head), and will take some pictures when I get a little farther along.

Christmas itself was as wonderful a family event as I could have hoped for. We spent the day in our PJs, except for a brief snowy hike in the woods. I got some great loot, including a good 100g of gorgeous Alpaca fiber, dyed a nice dusty purple, for my next spinning adventure. Darn, I left my spindle at school! I got lots of warm clothes and pretty jewelry (including cute teapot earrings that my sister made out of glass! SO COOL!) And also a brand new tea infuser mug and some lovely loose leaf tea. Yum!

But, as always happens, I almost have more fun watching my family open the gifts I made/bought for them than opening my own gifts. Next year's goal: make gifts for the whole family, and START EARLIER so I don't drive myself crazy at the last minute.

More to report (including pictures) soon!
Until then, Happy Knitting!

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