Thursday, July 29, 2010

Too Warm for Wool!!!

Yes, I have never truly been defeated by warm weather (summer's my favorite season - I'm happiest when it's over 100 outside! what can I say? I'm a true Texan ^^ ), until today. I finally sat down to rip out that last 1.5 inches of my poor sock. But there's nothing more uncomfortable than hot hands knitting hot wool D: So I got past the 1.5 inches, did a couple of decrease rows, and gave up. *sigh*

It doesn't look that much different now, does it? The wavy pattern looks really good in this pic, though! I'm still bummed about that dang camera connector chord, but I'll find it soon enough, an then it's no more PhotoBooth for me!!!

I also keep meaning (and failing) to take pictures of my Autum Leaves Afghan, but I must say that if it's too hot to work on wool socks, it's DEFINITELY too hot to work on a wool blanket. Sheesh! So hopefully pictures to come soon :-)

I kept my outlook positive and kept from stabbing people with my needles while ripping out those darn socks by listening to LionBrand's YarnCraft, a really great podcast all about Yarn Crafting. They have some really great podcasts about all sorts of groovy topics. And the two women who host it are pretty groovy, too. :-) You can check it out here :D

In other news: the fam and I head out tomorrow for vacation on Sabago Lake! I'm pretty dang psyched, since I haven't been swimming all summer and I desperately miss Inks Lake (near Burnett, TX) which I've visited every single summer since I was 8 until now. So! We head out tomorrow, and hopefully I'll get in some good knitting time between eating s'mores and splashing in the lake :-) It also means I won't be blogging until Sunday night at the earliest, but hopefully I'll have fun pictures to show for it! :-)

Until then, happy knitting!

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