Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Plan

Good Gravy I suck at blogging. O.O

I believe I started this blog with good intentions but not a lot of ... shall I say ... "oommph." I didn't really commit to it, and thus it's rather patchy and not useful.

Last night, I watched this movie Julie and Julia (which is a FANTASTIC movie, by the way) about this modern chick Julie who writes a blog about going through Julia Child's french cooking cookbook and making all the recipes, while simultaneously following Julia Child's life in the past, and how she got the book together. It's really sweet and fun. BUT! Moral of this story is that I want to blog. Like, seriously.

So: New Plan.

I'm going to try to post something every day. It may be something short, all it may say is "I didn't knit today. Bummer," but it'll be good. The entries will be weird and patchy at first, a little disorganized and hard to follow, but I think once I get into a rhythm it'll smooth out and be a better read. And hey, it might get me to knit more! And I know I've enjoyed blogging so far, so what have I to lose?

All right! Starting tomorrow (well, technically later today, since I'm up way too late for my own good tonight) I'm gonna start posting every day. Wish me luck!


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