Monday, July 6, 2009

I finished my camisole!!!! It's super exciting, cuz it's the first real fitted garment i've ever made :-) It was super easy (Razor Cami pattern on and went pretty fast. Made with a lace pattern, so it's nice and hole-y, so i gotta wear another shirt underneath it. BUT! I just finished washing/drying it, so now i can wear it!!! i'm so psyched :D :D :D

Anyways, I had a bit of trouble working out a variation to the Straps. The original pattern had you separate the front and back, work them separately, and stitch up the sides at the end. I found a variation that let me do it all simultaneously, and then continue the front a little bit longer after I bound off the back, so the only seams I had to work were to attach the end of the straps to the back of the shirt. It looks pretty sweet, and I'm very proud :D

Yesterday, while my shirt was drying, i was hanging out with my friend Tiffany when I realized I didn't have any knitting projects on the needles to work on. D: It was quite shocking! So I promptly started a hat. ^^ I got this beautiful yarn called Kollage Yummy in a pretty light brown and OHMYGOSH its soooooo soft! :D I'll post pictures of that when I get farther along. :-)

Happy Knitting!

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