Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where we stand

Well, I had this big lofty plan to have this one big post (or series of posts) about all my past projects to bring the internet up to speed on my past projects and, therefore, my level of experience with knitting/crocheting. I kept putting off this big post for so long cuz I never had time to "really do it justice." So, I haven't said anything for forever. SO! I'll just babble about my CURRENT projects, and maybe that'll be a way to bring y'all up to speed... in a way. :-)

So yesterday (at 3.30 AM), I finished this shawl that I've been working on for about a month. I'm making it for my ex-math teacher cuz she paid me for it. OHMYGOSH it took forever ><>

But yeah. its done. :)

Lace Edging:

From the back:

From the front :D :

So yeah! That was an adventure. Now I can devote my attention to my camisole, which is WAY cool! :D I only have 13 inches so far, which is only 3 inches less than what I need to separate for front and back, and then do edging and straps :D

I also got some BRAND NEW yarn in the mail yesterday :D from, which is kind of the best place ever. I'm sooooo excited. :) I got some purple variegated worsted weight yarn, and I dont know what I'll do with it yet, but then I also got some BEAUTIFUL brown Kollage Yummy for a hat, and some nice home-grown brown wool (Sport weight) for some cabled socks I've been meaning to try out :D

SO YEAH! That's my knitting life right now :-) A big issue coming up is HOW ON EARTH i'm gonna take my stash with me to college ^^ I've concluded that my roommate is gonna hate me cuz there will be yarn ALL over the floor all the time :-)

Happy Knitting!

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