Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sweater progress

My first sweater is going REALLY WELL!!!

I finished increasing for the sleeves and they're sitting on scrap yarn right now while I'm busy knitting away at the body! I took this picture just after dinner, but have made immense progress between then and now because I just finished watching the 3rd Lord of the Rings movie with my parents. I have this hilarious tendency, while movie knitting, to knit faster the more exciting a movie gets. Lord of the Rings: Return of the King is 3 hours of straight EXCITEMENT, so I got a good 3 more inches done on the body. WOW.

I'm a little worried that I made the sleeves a bit too wide, but I'll worry about that when I go to knit up the sleeves. Or maybe I should go ahead and do that now? If I go ahead and finish the sleeves, then I'll know exactly how much yarn I have left to give the body a little extra length. Hmm.... I shall look into it.

That's about all the news here.


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