Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Back in Nashville

I'm back at school! After a last week of relaxing, knitting, and then packing and preparing feverishly, I'm safe and sound back in Nashville. Today is the first day of classes, which is exciting/scary, and it's SNOWING! We've had a relatively constant feathering of snow since I got here. Honestly, I'm not a big fan of the cold, but campus sure does look pretty all cloaked in white. :) I'll see if I can post pictures soon.

Speaking of pictures, here are a few of the Holden Shawlette I've been working on!
This is half of it, from about a week ago. It's significantly larger now, but this pic shows the general shape. The whole thing doesn't quite fit on the needles anymore, so we won't see it stretched out in all its lacy glory until I'm all done.

And here's a closeup of the texture:

Aren't those colors just lovely? Everyone I show this project to is so impressed, because it is so lovely, but (so far, at least) the pattern is so simple that it's just the yarn doing its magical work. :) I've done the first row of the lace, but then life happened so I haven't made much progress beyond that.

The pattern says it's called a Shawlette, since it's a small shawl, but I don't really like that word (go figure?) so I'm calling it a Sharf. It's made like a shawl, but I plan to wear it around my neck like a scarf!

The Guido scarf, on the other hand, is coming along quickly and beautifully. I don't have pictures, though. I took it to rehearsal last night, and the kid playing Guido tried it on, and it looks fabulous! Just 10 or so more inches to go. :) I'll try to get some pictures of him in full costume wearing it when it's all done.

I have the yarn to make some more projects, mostly xmas gifts for school friends, but I have a shipment on its way from KnitPicks containing a try it interchangeable needle set . You know, the one with the three types of needles and two circular cables so I can figure out which tip type I like best. The package also contains the yarn to make my blanket! I've finally found the blanket I want to make for myself. It's called the Winter Lace Plumage Throw. I got the purple colorway. I'm SO EXCITED!

More pictures soon! Until then, Happy Knitting!

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