Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hello Yarny world!

Again, I don't have a lot of knitting progress to report :( But I owe a few certain lovely people some pictures of my dorm and university campus, so I figured I might as well do that tonight :)

The weather here in Nashville has been super-gorgeous, so I set off one afternoon a bit early for an errand, and took some cool pictures on the way!

Here is my lovely dorm:

It's a gorgeous building, built in the 60s, and I just love it.

My front door:

With some love notes from my friends and some other door-art XD

Then this is Kirkland tower, arguably the most often photographed building on campus. And a sample of the bazillion trees we have, too. It is nearly impossible to take a clear picture of something without having a dozen gorgeous trees in the way. ^^

And last, but not least, this is Buttrick, the building where I have most of my classes. Yet another example of a bajillion trees. ^^

I also want to let a certain someone know that I finally tried one of your magnificent microwaveable dinners:

It was quite tasty. ^^ The others are currently employed in holding down and flattening a couple of posters that I had kept rolled up in storage over the summer, along with some other heavy things I had conveniently lying around my room:

Well, that about sums it up!

Except for a small bit of exciting news: I've finally landed my first "real" job! For the rest of the semester (and hopefully for the rest of my time at school here) I will be working about 10 hours a week at our school's bookstore! I had my first day today, so I basically got to learn the ropes and meet some people. Looks like it's gonna be fun! And the extra income can't hurt, either. ;)

I'll hopefully have some good knitting time this weekend, so I'll post some progress pics soon.
Until then, happy knitting!

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