Monday, September 20, 2010

Another Video!


I tried to post a video, but this is all that happened:

The audio remained the same, but the video sped up to double-time and cut the whole thing short! Yikes! Maybe this means I should stick to super-short videos from now on :-/

The only news I have is that my mom texted me this weekend to let me know that a shipment labeled "Stash" came in for me from Socks for Soldiers, so she's going to send that to me soon, for which I am VERY excited!!!! It's the regulation yarn for the regulation uniform socks that I have been itching to make since I got involved with SFS! So maybe that new yarn will kick my rear into gear and get me back in the habit of knitting every day :-)

Pictures to come when I get the shipment!
lots of Yarnlove,

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